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Transforming Healthcare Management with Function 365's Comprehensive Electronic Healthcare Records System. Allowing Clinics and Healthcare Practices to Scale & Grown with our Medical Practice Management System.

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Enhancing Your Practice

Function 365 can revolutionise your healthcare practice by streamlining operations, enhancing patient engagement, and secured communications. It offers seamless integration with your current systems, minimising disruptions. The platform's comprehensive features address every aspect of practice management, from appointment scheduling, billing clinical notes and more. Exceptional support from our team ensures you have guidance every step of the way, making Function 365 an invaluable tool for modern healthcare practices.

Get Started In 90 Minutes

With Function 365, getting started is quick and easy. Our intuitive setup wizard process allows you to configure your practice management system and begin using it effectively in just 90 minutes from your first login.

Flexible online payments to suit your business model whether that includes - appt-by-appt, packages, monthly membership plans, and for laboratory testing

Function 365 offers flexible online payment options tailored to your business model, whether you prefer pay-per-appointment, package deals, membership plans, or even for laboratory testing. With our versatile payment system, you can effortlessly manage transactions according to your clinic's specific needs and preferences.

Function 365 is more than just a practice management tool; it's a transformational platform designed to elevate the standard of healthcare delivery. With its advanced features like detailed analytics, telehealth capabilities, and automated patient communication, it empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions and enhance patient engagement. The software's customisation options ensure that every practice, regardless of size or speciality, can tailor the system to their unique needs, optimising workflows and improving efficiency. Real-world applications have demonstrated significant reductions in administrative workload, allowing practitioners to focus more on patient care. Whether it's streamlining appointment scheduling, simplifying billing processes, or securing sensitive patient data, Function 365 addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by modern healthcare practices.

"Since integrating Function 365 into our clinic, we've seen remarkable improvements in operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. The platform's intuitive design and comprehensive features have streamlined our appointment scheduling and billing processes, allowing us to focus more on patient care. The support team has been fantastic, providing us with the guidance needed to maximize the system's benefits. Function 365 has truly transformed the way we manage our practice." 

- Dr Emily, Roberts Healthcare

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