Ever signed up with a service and the company promised the earth and delivered something far short? Yeah, us too!

It is really frustrating when looking for a Practice Management Software to find one that’s perfect but receive no support from the company during the setup and implementation phase and then moving forward if you have any queries further down the line.

Lots of Practitioners come to us having experienced something very similar. Cheap platforms inevitably have to cut costs somewhere and this is usually in the ‘personal touch’ you get with a comprehensive software provider like Function 365.

So why is the ability to have someone there so important?

Getting to know the software

With every piece of software there is a period of learning. Even for the most ‘techy’ person out there. Every system has it’s on process and way of doing things. Here at Function 365 we have a comprehensive Knowledge Base to help you get going but there is ALWAYS someone there at the end of the phone if you’re unsure about any part of the platform.

This means, if you need anything we’re there to support you and your clinic. It’s one of our core values of our business and something we live by.

Setup and implementation

Function 365 will get you setup quickly and easily with the software. This is done with a person (not just by yourself). This means, through the setup and implementation there is someone there, on hand, to go through anything you’re unsure of and answer any questions you may have as we’re implementing the software for your clinic!

Ongoing support

Like most things in life, you’ll come up against things that you’re unsure how to do. Working with a new Practice Management System is no different. There may be something new you’d like to implement and are not sure how to do it. We’re on hand to help. We also love to hear any new ideas and updates you think would be a great addition to the software. We take these on board and if we can do this, we will!

New updates and features

We don’t tier our membership like a lot of Practice Management Systems. This means that regardless of which licence you have (solo or multiple practices) we offer exactly the same features. We do update the software from time to time to continue to develop and bring you new features to use at your practice - like Group Based Care which we recently launched. We will always communicate these with you via email and post these updates to our social media. Along with this there will be documentation in our knowledge base on how to use it also!

What is Group Based Care?

As you will know, Group Based Care is providing care in a “group” setting, rather than a 1-2-1 setting. Group Based Care may be for people who all share a common illness or who have the same goal. This is entirely up to you and how you choose to run your Group Based Care Sessions.

The Benefits to the Patients

Offering Group Based Care at your Practice can make private healthcare accessible to people that may not otherwise have been able to access or afford it. This means, you’re able to help more people and extend your reach but also it means the people that are in most need of your services can actually benefit from the services you provide.

The Benefits to You, the Practitioner

Your time is valuable and previously, Group Based Care wasn’t possible due to the high cost of administration to organise and run Group Based Care.

NOT ANYMORE! - Function 365 has made it as simple as a few clicks to enable you to set up Group Based Care at your Practice. In reality, this means you’re able to help the people you really want to. The people that previously were out of reach for many reasons. 

It also allows you to filter down who you invite to the Group Based Care sessions depending on a variety of factors. If you haven’t seen how Group Based Care works, book a demo with us today!

Improving private healthcare in the UK as a whole 

The only way Private Healthcare moves forward is by you, the Practitioner, proving efficacy. To do this, the larger the sample size (amount of patients) is one really great way to show efficacy in your work. Being able to provide real examples of your work will eventually lead to it becoming used across the board to help a greater number of patients.

Online Appointment Booking Made Simple

Function 365 was designed with one clear goal in mind, to allow you to:

“Build quickly, communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly”

We take this view when developing any aspect of the software.

As you would expect, booking an appointment is one of those core features.

Booking Appointments

There are 3 main ways an appointment can be booked;

  1. Patient booking through landing page
  1. Patient booking via the patient portal
  1. Staff member (receptionist/PA/practitioner) booking an appointment for a patient

1 - If you have a new customer who doesn’t have access to a patient portal yet, the best way for them to book is via your landing page. This will ensure that they’re booking in correctly, at a time you’re available. It is a seamless experience for the patient and allows for the patient portal creation.

2 - If a patient has already seen you, so has access to their patient portal already, they can easily book an appointment by click on the + symbol at the top of their patient portal screen. This will bring up the type of appointments they can book and the times available. Depending on the type of care and appointment, payments can be taken at this point also.

3 - Someone phones or is there and person and you need to create an appointment for a patient? Not a problem, navigate to the correct day from the Receptionist Portal, select the practitioner, patient and type of care, ensure the time is correct and click save. You can even notify them here by SMS to confirm the appointment with them.

We don’t want to restrict any way of working so we make Function 365 Practice Management Software as customisable as we can.

Function 365 makes it really simple for you (the patient) to book appointments with your practitioner online.

But what next?

After you’ve booked your appointment you will be taken to the patient hub. This is where you are able to access all your information, pay for supplements or follow up appointments and, most importantly, fill in your intake forms.

What are intake forms?

Intake forms are used by your practitioner to gather all the relevant information they need from you before your appointment begins. This can include information about your symptoms, why you’re wanting to see them, your health history and medications.

Function 365 will walk you through each stage of the intake process, there are even handy videos from your practitioner on pages to explain what type of information is required.

Try to give as much relevant detail as possible in this section. The more the practitioner knows, the more they’ll be able to help!

Why are intake forms so important?

As I’ve touched on above, the forms give the practitioner information they’re going to need to provide the best care possible but that’s not the only reason they will ask you to fill in the forms. By filling in information before appointments it allows the practitioner to track progress and share this with you. Ensuring you’re both able to work towards the same common goal.

In the end, the practitioner wants to provide the best care and you want to receive it - Function 365 enables this in a real user friendly way.

What happens if I forget to fill in my intake forms?

Everyone leads busy lives so if you forget to fill in the forms don’t worry, we’ll send you an email reminder to ensure you’re prepared and ready for your appointment with your practitioner!

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