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Booking Virtual Appointments (Front End & Admin Setup) Function 365 Practice Management Software

Booking virtual consultations in Function 365 Practice Management Software.

It's really simple to create a new appointment with a few clicks of a button (to view the full "how to" click the video below")

A few points to note; once the appointment is booked the patient will receive an email with a confirmation of their appointment - this is a personalised email.

Another useful tip - Function 365 Practice Management Software puts the appointment information into your personal calendar to make it easier to manage all the things that are going on in your life. Appointments are automatically added to Google calendars.

One of the many challenges larger practices face is managing virtual consultation rooms of multiple practitioners - this is due to each one having their own virtual meeting room. So, we decided to make this easy in Function 365.

This can all be done through the admin menu of your practice. Watch the video below as to how to do this in full detail.

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