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Practitioner Portal View: Create and Manage Action Plan Function 365 Practice Management Software

When you're working as a practitioner in Function 365 Practice Management Software, using the action plan system you'll see the power that it has to make it much quicker and easier to practice as you continue to use the system and how that gets easier and easier over time.

If you go into the action plan in your Function 365 Practice Management Software, every time you bring up the action plan, for the patient, it will always bring the red and yellow flags section. The reason that we do this is again for your own benefit, your own protection in this, so that it helps remind you of anything that could be relevant, or that's been flagged by yourself as a practitioner, another member of the team, also by their consent and risk assessment forms.

When the patient first joins the practice, anything that you need to be aware of, that's been recorded into the system, will get brought up in the Function 365 Practice Management System Action Plan.

Just for reference, on the basic information section, everything on there can be seen by the practitioners and reception/PA team in your practice. You have control of the visibility - if the information is sensitive and not suitable for receptionists and the PA team to see, you can choose to turn off visibility so only you can see this.

Action Plan: Visibility Controls, to be able to control whether or not the patient can see your action plan that you've created for them in their patient portal. For example, after the initial consultation, you've built out a personalised action plan for the patient, and you're waiting for that follow-up consultation to go through each of these items with the patient before making it visible to them. It's as simple as clicking the visibility controls (see video below for reference) to make it visible or not visible in the patient. Similarly, you may wish to have your reception and PA team involved or engaged with delivering the action plan for your patient. Think of the example where there are handouts that you want, like physical handouts or, or pieces of equipment, uh, or lab testing that needs to be done for that patient.

The reception team may or may not be involved. By default, these are off.

Please think about this, the Function 365 Practice Management System Action Plan has unlimited, pull out filing folders where you can pull out the the digital recommendation that you would be passing to the patient.

It's a similar concept to having all the folders and files in Google Drive and just searching for the one that. The helpful part of this is that it is a curated list in your practice and you can create your own recommendations within this. They're there at a push of a button ready to be used for your patients.

Any search tags that we'd be looking for. You know, this is the search field to look for these narrow them down, uh, any search tags that are relevant, uh, any potential benefits, risks, um, that are known for this. Uh, and then you have the, the full recommendation here. This is a text editor here, so you can put anything you need into this.

You can also add more recommendations using the "add" function in Action Plan. There's also a global library of recommendations that have been curated by other uses of Function 365 Practice Management Software. We will not be covering that in this this article/video but watch out for it in a later knowledge base entry!

When you're adding a new recommendation to the platform, you're invited to tell the system as to which users of  will be able to see this recommendation. By default,  if you're curating and you're adding information to the platform and you're putting the time and effort into them, please do share them with other practitioners. It really does help everyone!

Other clinics will have to make a copy of it for their clinic before they can use it. So your name won't be directly associated with it.

Other things to look at are the graphical views of the action plan versus the concerns chart. This may be very helpful to go through. During consult and to compare how the patient is doing on their concerns, outcome measures versus the action plan that you've provided for them and compare them with the patient there.

There is so much more to see in the Function 365 Practice Management Software Action Plan.

Watch the full knowledge base video below:


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