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There may be a time where you need to switch between Practitioner and Receptionist mode or go from Receptionist and Accounting mode.

The video below will walk you through the steps on how to do this:

Firstly, you'll notice on the top right corner of the screen there is an icon.

If you click the icon a new box will pop up allowing you to choose which mode you'd like to be in.

Select the new mode and put in your password and it'll change you to the new mode (if you have the privileges to enable you to do this).

As you'll notice towards the end of the video, moving from Receptionist to Accounting mode, the accountant has completely different privileges and their screen is a lot more locked down and therefore they cannot see anywhere near as much information as you can as a Practitioner or a Receptionist.

From accounting mode you have to go into the menu to switch views as the icon isn't visible from their screen.

Watch below for a full run through on switching modes:

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