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Managing Day Timer and Payments in Function 365 Practice Management Software

In the video below we look at booking appointments that require a deposit to be paid in advance to confirm the booking of that appointment and to hold the time in the diary.

In the practitioner portal you will see the appointment timer. The timer helps you run your day and plan where you are at any given point.

You can book appointments easily (see video below)

When you're ready to start your appointment you can just click to say the patient has arrived - one click, how simple! The patients health record will then automatically come up for you to view their information.

Do the appointment.

Once the appointment is finished we can simply mark it as finished.

You can then take payment, it'll bring up the pay section once pay is finished (if they haven't already prepaid).

You can then use your preferred payment method at your practice to take the payment and mark it as paid here on the system.

Want to see it in action? Click the video below.

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