There are various ways to update a product in the shared library. This video will explain to you what to change and how to change it. Along with what information is visible to other clinics via the shared library and what is private just for your Clinic.

Please watch this video before updating Practice Products to ensure you're only changing items that are specific for your clinic and if you want to make a change globally you do this via the 'Send Request'

If you have any further questions on updating Practice Products please get in touch with us.

We're really excited to showcase a new feature within Function 365 - you now have the ability to manage your stock and ordering reminders from within your Portal.

This video will explain how you can manage your inventory from within your Portal. Along with how to set automatic reminders so you never run out of stock!

When providing virtual consultations you want to make sure that no one else has access to join this meetings. You can use Zoom but today we're going to look at how we do this inside Google.

You will need a paid version of Google Workspace to do this and you can view the full setup process below:

This handy video will talk you through the steps for setting up your availability from the Practitioner Portal in Function 365 including how to set availability for each room and how to add a break.

Setting a Practitioner's Availability - Function 365 Practice Management Software

This video will walk you through the steps on how to add a dependant inside the Patient Portal in Function 365.

The handy walk through below will take you through the steps of creating a new appointment inside the admin menu of Function 365.

Adding a Private Prescriptions for a patient inside their patient portal is really simple.

Follow the handy video below to see how to add this including; creating the prescription, saving to an action plan, printing the prescription for the patient.

When you want to add an item like a test to a patients action plan you can do this via the product library however what do you do if you need to add something to a patients action plan that isn't already listed in the product library?

Well, in this instance we can utilise the recommendations library and add a new item which is then addable to a patients action plan.

We do ask when you're doing this to create it GLOBALLY to ensure that we have a fantastic library of products that are sharable across the F365 network to save time for all practitioners when adding products to a patients action plan.

The video below will take you through the steps on how to add a practice product to an action plan and also how to create one from the recommendations library if you need to create a new one.

Your audit log shows all actions taken within your instance of Function 365. This is a really handy feature and is easily accessible from the admin menu.

Below is a handy walkthrough on how to access the audit log and the information provided inside the audit log for each clinic.

Function 365 Landscape Logo - Practice Management Software
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