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Your Function 365 Licence is all managed through our website,

When you purchase a licence this is paid for on a monthly subscription basis but what happens if you take on more Practitioners or someone leaves and therefore you no longer require all the licences you have?

It's really simple to manage your licence from within your account on our website.

Simply navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on the person icon.

From here, if you aren't already, you'll be prompted to login with your username and password you used to purchase your Function 365 licence (hint, if you're unsure which email address this is, search for your receipt in your email history it'll tell you on there)

Then go over to 'My Subscriptions' on the left hand menu.

Click 'View' on the licence you'd like to change.

From this page you will then be able to amend the amount of licences you'd like to pay for each month.

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