From Appointment Scheduling to Billing: How Function 365 Enhances Every Step

It's not easy to bring about significant changes to your medical facility, especially when you are under an illusion that makes you believe things are running smoothly. However, if you continue to delay implementing practice management software, it can significantly disadvantage your organisation and put you at risk of falling behind more technologically advanced healthcare providers.

You should assume your competitors are proactively employing modern medical practice management software to oversee their practices. Thus, it becomes evident that your staff may be less efficient compared to other medical offices. 

It's crucial to recognise that neglecting to adopt industry-standard medical software can impede your facility's operations and harm your financial stability and future prospects.

Today, most medical practices have moved beyond outdated paper-based systems. Those still relying on such methods or using generic management software, need to get out of this gear and explore the perks of practice management software. 

From Appointment Scheduling to Billing: How Function 365 Can Help You?

Function 365 emerges as a prime exemplar in the category of practice management software. What makes it so effective are its several tools and features. We have compiled a list of them, along with brief explanations of how they can contribute to running a medical practice smoothly and allowing you to spend more time on your patient care. 

Appointment Scheduling

Function 365 enables healthcare practitioners, paramedic staff, and administrative teams to efficiently manage patient appointments and schedules across various providers. What’s more, it also offers patients the option to book appointments themselves.

Scheduling can be a considerable challenge for hospital and clinic staff, particularly when coordinating the availability of multiple practitioners. The medical management system offers real-time visibility into each doctor's schedule, mitigating the risk of conflicting appointments and double bookings.

To enhance the patient experience, the system incorporates a reminder feature that automatically sends appointment reminders, thereby reducing the occurrence of no-shows.

Billing and Claims Processing 

Function 365 also streamlines billing and claims processes by generating automated digital statements. The system's scanning feature examines diagnosis codes to ensure compliance with regulations.

In continuation, the automated billing and claims processing system detects conflicts or errors and sends automated notifications to staff for prompt resolution. It also alerts staff about overdue payments from patients. In a cloud-based system, billing or procedural codes can be remotely updated to prevent outdated information.

Includes an Electronic Health Record (EHR)

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a superb feature that accompanies some medical practice management software. Luckily, Function 365 falls on that list and boasts about this compelling attribute.

While PMS manages the operational aspects, an EHR enhances patient care by:

  • Ensuring superior security of patients' health records compared to paper-based systems.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive history of patients' health, including services provided and treatment plans, which can be accessed at any medical practice.
  • Efficiently organising patient information for ease of use by staff.
  • Utilising consultation templates to streamline note-taking and automatically input patient data.
  • Automatically generating prescriptions, referral letters, and other necessary documents.

Reduce Paperwork

The process of automation gives you the leverage to reduce paperwork in your healthcare practice. This way, you also dwindle the storage space required for each patient record. Imagine transforming your former document storage area into a new break room, office space, or even an additional examination room!

Furthermore, eschewing paperwork ensures that your staff can readily access digital files for each patient. Additionally, utilising online records enhances efficiency when transmitting patient information to another physician, such as when a family doctor refers a patient to an orthopaedic surgeon.

Allows Telemedicine

Numerous factors may prevent a patient from attending an in-person visit, such as limited mobility, distance, travel, quarantine, or a preference for online consultations. However, these obstacles shouldn't hinder access to medical care.

Telemedicine enables seamless video consultations with patients worldwide, overcoming geographical barriers with a single click.

This versatile tool can also:

  • Appeal to new patients unable to visit physically.
  • Provide second opinions.
  • Conduct follow-up appointments and renew prescriptions.

Benefits of Reaping the Scintillating Perks of Function 365

A Better Client Experience

Practice management software in the form of Function 365 prioritises client convenience. Digital solutions streamline onboarding, allowing clients to complete intake forms online before their first appointment.

Once engaged, clients benefit from a client-centred portal offering appointment booking, online payments, insurance claim viewing, educational content access, virtual care, and practitioner communication. Patients can also monitor their health progress and access treatment plans directly.

Supportive Staff Environment

Practice management software aids your clinic's practitioners and staff, providing tools to streamline their workflow.

Receptionists benefit from simplified appointment booking and consent form distribution. Practitioners utilise digital charting for comprehensive documentation, including multimedia options like photos, videos, and voice recordings. Electronic Medical Records equip practitioners to access client files remotely, facilitating easy tracking of progress and outcomes.

These features empower practitioners to deliver optimal care. Studies indicate that EMR or EHR technology reduces medical errors and enhances client adherence to guidelines.

A Clinic Growth Tool

The success of your clinic hinges on attracting new clients. A robust practice management platform simplifies this process by facilitating personalised email campaigns tailored to your clientele, whether through existing templates or customised options.

This tool serves as your marketing ally, enabling automated appointment reminders, community newsletters, enticing promotions, and company announcements. 

A Cost-Effective Solution

If you're seeking an affordable solution to streamline your business operations, Function 365 is the answer. With a variety of cost-effective pricing options, you can choose the package that best fits your budget and requirements. Additionally, Function 365 boasts a remarkably quick implementation process, ensuring minimal wait times to get your system up and running.

Wrapping Up

So, the above pointers underpin the indispensability of implementing practice management software for all those who are still relying on traditional modalities. And before wrapping up, here is an additional reason for you to consider the virtues of Function 365:

In today's healthcare landscape, protecting sensitive patient data is paramount. While Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems or Electronic Health Records (EHR) have simplified data management, they also pose increased risks of breaches. 

Stringent safeguards, including secure login credentials, data encryption, access controls, and audit trails, protect against unauthorised access and theft. Function 365 offers comprehensive security features to ensure the confidentiality of patient information.

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