Mental Health Clinic Software

Practice Software for Mental Health Clinics

Making tasks easier so you have time to focus on your patients at your Mental Health Clinic. Our Mental Health Clinic Software allows you to scale up without compromising on quality service to your patients. It also means that your patients feel supported by you and your Clinic from day one!
Mental Health Clinic Software

Mental Health Clinic CRM Software

Achieve more in less time with our Mental Health Clinic CRM and Clinic Management Software
Mental Health Clinic Software

Reduce Admin Time at your Clinic

By reducing time spent on administrative tasks it allows you to spend more time seeing patients. Maximising profits at your clinic and helping more patients achieve their goals.
Mental Health Clinic Software

Improve Experience for Patients

Our smooth patient onboarding system makes it easier for you to take all the information and get consent forms signed before your patient even walks through the door. This means you can focus on your treatments!
Mental Health Clinic Software

Scale and Grow your Clinic and get new Clients

Having a CRM that has online booking functionality means you're not restricting when and how your clients can book in with you. Easily create landing pages for your clients to book anytime, anywhere.

Mental Health Clinic Software Overview

Streamline Process, Scale and Grow your Mental Health Clinic

Having software that works with you to enable you to grow your clinic whilst still providng the best possible service to your clients is your biggest asset as a business.

We've put together a quick overview of the main features of our software but the best way to truly understand Function 365 is with a demo.
Mental Health CRM

Feature Highlights

Function 365 mental health clinic software provides a comprehensive solution for mental health professionals. Not only does it give you the ability to create landing pages to allow your clients to conveniently book appointments, but also allows them to access their own personalised patient portal. With this powerful tool, your patients can easily see all of their upcoming and past appointments as well as view their medical history and relevant documents.

The patient portal is designed with convenience in mind, allowing both you and your patient to utilise its many features remotely. You can send messages and reminders directly from the portal which ensures that your patients never miss an appointment or forget important information. On top of this, Function 365 also offers extensive reporting tools which allow you to track progress, identify trends, and help you make informed decisions about patient care.

Function 365 is your ultimate solution for providing the highest quality of mental health services to your patients, allowing them to stay connected with you in the comfort and convenience of their own home. With its comprehensive features, Function 365 ensures that both you and your patients are always up-to-date on all aspects of their care.

From helping your patients book appointments quickly and easily to tracking progress and offering personalised support, Function 365 provides a comprehensive solution for mental health professionals so they can provide the best possible care for their clients. Get started today to take advantage of this powerful tool!
Mental Health Clinic Software

Join Hundreds of Practitioners Using Function 365

We're proud to say we're one of the UKs largest software providers for the private medical healthcare space. We'd love to speak with you more about how Function 365 can help you scale and grow your clinic. 

Speak to one of our friendly team today!

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