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Having full control of your practice is key when it comes to running your business. We've put together a quick software overview with some key points of the software however the best way to fully experience the capabilities of Function 365 is by having a demo.

Secure, EHR with the Practitioner & Patient in mind.

Practitioner Portal
Patient Portal
Receptionist Portal
Function 365 Practitioner Portal Preview
Brand your portal with your company logo and company colours. You can even have multiple portals to help you niche into multiple services.
Add new patients and search for existing patients and existing tasks from a unified search. In the practitioner portal this search only shows patients of that practitioner, whereas the receptionist portal is a practice wide search.
Meet your GDPR compliance requirements for secure communication by using the F365 direct messaging system. Patients receive an email and SMS to let them know to login and read your messages to them.
PATIENT ENGAGEMENT DASHBOARD: Understand at a glance how the patient is using the patient portal. Practitioners and team members can quickly identify how patients are progressing through their Smart intake. You can customise by appointment type - what you need to know from the patient before you see them.
Get instant visual charts of health concerns to understand in seconds how your patient how your patient is doing and progressing under your care. You can easily include these charts into your patient write ups to help patients visually see their progress.
Use 1 of 17 built in biochemical "workbooks" to accelerate creating SOAP notes. Perfect for acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists (just to name a few)
Outcome measures and Health Scores are automatically generated and tracked for each patient in F365 helping you show your patients how they're improving under your care. You can review patient improvement for CQC Audit and get numerical statistics about changes in patient symptoms across the clinic as a whole.
Instant reminders that there are red flag issues for this patient which were reported by either the patient, another practitioner or a member of the administrative team like a receptionist.
Review your previous notes to recap your understanding of the patient before your next appointment.
Make a Practitioner Observation note on any item, like how they're prgressing with certain items in their action plan. Pull up this observation and any others when you're writing your Patient Summary Notes to save time and improve your ability to get more done.
Build personalised action plans in seconds: add new lifestyle recommendations, supplements, exercises, private prescriptions, Theraputic care etc from your Clinic's library. If you don't have time to write your own, you can download a copy from our community global library to use at your clinic.
Convert the patients action plan into a print off which they can take home with them. Perfect for patients who prefer paper format and to show friends and family who are supporting their changes.
Control whether on not you'd like the action plan to be seen by the patient and whether or not it is acceptable or not to be seen by your admin team/receptionists.
Recommend lab testing that is appropriate for your patient. Review it during the consultation and add it to their patient portal for them to purchase.
F365 instantly creates supplementation and medication charts from the action plan you create for your patient.
EMPOWER your patients to tell you about their medical history and to upload medical correspondence and test results. You and your team can upload new lab tests and make them visible to the patient when you're ready to do so.
Empower your patients to SEE their health history the way you do with a timeline of their health history. Save precious time by seeing these timelines which are automatically generated from the patients intake forms.
Customise the timeline catagories to fit your style of practice whether its Functional Medicine or Acupuncture's Five Kingdoms, you can interpret your patients history in a way that's appropriate for your profession.
Function 365 Practice Management Software Patient Portal
Patients can see personalised supplement and medication plan which you've created for them through their online portal
EMPOWER your patients to track your progress over time before each consultation with you
Brand your portal with your company logo and company colours. You can even have multiple portals to help you niche into multiple services.
Empower patients to book online with you and save hundreds of hours of staff time per year. You can control whether appointments require a deposit to confirm the appointment.
Patients can provide payments for your services directly through the portal
Get informed consent from your patients before you meet. This has been increasingly important as many practitioners need the patient to confirm their COVID status before meeting in person.
Patients can see their personalised Action Plan when they need it day or night. You can provide information about why you're asking them to do something directly in the portal.
Secure Direct Messaging helps you protect your patients confidential information and meet requirements like GDPR. Patients can message securely through the portal and receive SMS and email alerts when you've replied.
Agree health goals and track progress with milestones as the patient works towards these goals
Online payments allow patients to pay through your Patient Portal for; appointments, packages, supplements, lab tests and gift cards.
Function 365 Practice Management Software Receptionist Portal
Brand your portal with your company logo and company colours. You can even have multiple portals to help you niche into multiple services.
Quickly search for patients, leads and tasks by searching for the patient's name, email address or phone number. Perfect when you have a missed call and you'd like to know who you're calling back
Use Secure Direct Messaging to talk with your patients and other members of staff. You can choose whether to send alerts by SMS or email to notify them you've send a message.
Portal notifications help you stay on top of what's happening across your whole clinic. You can customise your alerts for new patient registrations, contact us forms, online bookings, cancellations, intake form completions and much more
Use the practice wide reports to see how your whole clinic is doing. With a simple push of a button you can track your income, patient visits, upcoming appointments, and conversion rates from enquiries to paying clients.
The F365 CRM (Customer Resource Management) system allows you to stay on top of contact us enquiries, incomplete landing page bookings, scheduling of repeat appointments and courtesy calls.

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