Google Trends, What Is It?

First things first, Google Trends is an extremely useful tool if you want to get your content in front of people searching for what you’re selling!! What exactly does it do and how can YOU utilise it?

What is it?

Google Trends can actually show you how frequently a word or a phrase is put into Google, this means if you’re looking for a blog topic or content for your Private Medical Practice then this is your first port of call. There’s no point writing about something that won’t get seen and Google will happily give you a free, helping hand with this.

If you search any term Google will provide you with a search volume index (how much that specific word has been searched) and also geographic information about the people searching for that topic.

Why is geographical information important?

Just like choosing to target a certain age, gender or type of person, being able to target people in a certain geographical area will mean you’re able to hit your target market a lot easier. If you know a certain word is only searched in America and you don’t currently provide your services in America there is no point using this keyword.

How does it work?

The first thing to look at on Google Trends is currently trending. This will give you an indication of what people are searching for. Some of it is not related to what you want to talk about but if it is you know you’re going to be able to hit lots of people searching for your topic, product or service.

If currently trending doesn’t give you the information you need you can search by a word or phrase by typing it into the search box at the top. Once you’ve searched the term you are then able to define the criteria below it like, where you want to check the data against (the location), how far back you want the data to be looked at - 1 month, 12 months etc. A category - this is just an industry if you want to narrow down your search and type of search.

What is a type of search?

Google doesn’t just own Google, it has its fingers in lots of other pies. Google can post their adverts in various places across the world and also get search terms from places like YouTube, the news or shopping. As such you can narrow down your search even further if you’re wanting to know how people on YouTube have searched for a specific topic (if you’re considering posting a video for example).

What else should you know?

Google Trends will also throw up ‘related search terms’ for you when you’re searching for a word or phrase. This can be really invaluable information if you’re researching keywords for google adverts. You’re able to look at all the keywords relating to what you’ve searched and pick out the best ones for you that’ll ensure you’re getting traffic to your website organically or by your ads!

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