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We provide online practice management software for private healthcare clinicians. Function 365 is an online practice management solution that streamlines your daily office tasks and makes you more efficient in your practice. With our easy-to-use platform and friendly support team, you can use our solutions to boost your revenue and streamline the way you manage your work day.

Trusted by over 400 Practitioners in the EU.

Time is money, and you'll know yourself, when running and Private Healthcare Clininc your time is valuable. That is why everything we do, build and are currently building is with you and your patients in mind.
Quickly build smart intake forms for your patients and let the system automatically send reminders.
Easily set room or staff availability in a few clicks to ensure you always have an appointment available.
Private message patients and staff via our inbuilt secure messaging system.
Josh Z
Co-Founder, Function 365
"Function 365 is a culmination of years of work in the Private Healthcare Space.
We wanted to bring a product to you that actually fits your needs as a practitioner.
We strive to continually build new and innovated features to enhance your
healthcare practice and prvovide exceptional quality care."
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How It Works

Once you're onboarded you can login to your instance of Function 365 and setup your reports, intake forms and staff availabilty
Setup landing pages for your patients to book appointments via your portal with ease
Take the booking online and take a deposit or the full amount from the patient before the appointment
Setup automated reminders for your patient to fill in their smart intake forms and appointment reminders
Receptionists can checkin patients to let you know they've arrived and you can manage each patient via their profile which contains all information about that patient.
With our two click process add supplements and lab tests into the patients card with ease.
Let ConnectScript handle the automated ordering of these, use our ePrescriptions or print off the prescription.
There are so many more features to Function 365 which mean you can run your practice with ease. Ensuring everything is covered and you have less administrative work to do. The best way to see how Function 365 works in action is to book a demo with one of the team.
Natalie A
Head of Digital Marketing, Function 365
"My role at Function 365 is to communicate with you about all the incredible features Function 365 are bringing out along with the capabilities of the software and how it meets your needs and the needs of your clinic. Along with this I love getting out there and speaking with clinics and practices about their goals and business needs to ensure we're providing the right product and exceptional support at all times."

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