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By now I'm sure you will have had a demo with us and discussed all the ways Function 365 can help automated processes at your clinic along with helping you scale and grow. If not, use the link below to book in for a quick demo with us.

Trusted by over 400 Practitioners in the EU.

Our Pricing

Our licensing is designed to be simple and straightforward. All the features of the system are included at every pricing level, and we are able to offer a reduced price per practitioner as your clinic continues to grow.

Large Practice

If you have 6 or more active practitioners then the large practice licence is the best fit for you.


*Paid Annually

Small Practice

For clinics with 2-5 practitioners then you can take advantage of the reduced cost per practitioner.


*Paid Annually
We also offer the ability to pay for licenses on a monthly basis instead of annually - this can be selected once you choose your licence from the options.

If you're still unsure on whether or not Function 365 is right for you and you haven't had a demo we would highly recommend it. The features and capabilities of the system mean you save significant amount of time any money at your clinic and will help you scale and grow your practice in line with your business goals.

Solo Practitioner

If you only have 1 practitioner you will only require a solo practitioner license.


*Paid Annually

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