Getting Prepared for your Appointment

Function 365 makes it really simple for you (the patient) to book appointments with your practitioner online.

But what next?

After you’ve booked your appointment you will be taken to the patient hub. This is where you are able to access all your information, pay for supplements or follow up appointments and, most importantly, fill in your intake forms.

What are intake forms?

Intake forms are used by your practitioner to gather all the relevant information they need from you before your appointment begins. This can include information about your symptoms, why you’re wanting to see them, your health history and medications.

Function 365 will walk you through each stage of the intake process, there are even handy videos from your practitioner on pages to explain what type of information is required.

Try to give as much relevant detail as possible in this section. The more the practitioner knows, the more they’ll be able to help!

Why are intake forms so important?

As I’ve touched on above, the forms give the practitioner information they’re going to need to provide the best care possible but that’s not the only reason they will ask you to fill in the forms. By filling in information before appointments it allows the practitioner to track progress and share this with you. Ensuring you’re both able to work towards the same common goal.

In the end, the practitioner wants to provide the best care and you want to receive it - Function 365 enables this in a real user friendly way.

What happens if I forget to fill in my intake forms?

Everyone leads busy lives so if you forget to fill in the forms don’t worry, we’ll send you an email reminder to ensure you’re prepared and ready for your appointment with your practitioner!

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