How to Choose Practice Management Software

How to Choose Practice Management Software

Choosing Practice Management Software for your Private Practice is something you really should put some time into. We speak with a lot of Clinicians that went straight for the first one they found but it actually didn’t end up working very well for them. 

Today I’m going to talk you through some things to consider when choosing Practice Management Software and things to consider for further down the road. 

Scaleability - Practice Management Software

Whether your Practice is new or established, scalability should be on your mind! Businesses grow over time and you need Practice Management Software that can and will grow with you - when I talk about scalability I’m also talking about pricing. Will the software still be cost effective for you in a years time and in 10 years time or will it eventually become too expensive to run as you grow. 

Lots of Practice Management Software offer really cheap rates for smaller practices or single licences but when it’s time to scale people really do get burnt. Bare this in mind, don’t just look at the lower end look at the pricing structure and additional features offered for the price points too!

Ease of Use - Practice Management Software

This might sound simple like, why would a company make their software complicated but not all companies invest as much time in user experience as they probably should. This could mean that something you love about the software eventually doesn’t work anymore or is removed from the software all together or for you as the practitioner it really doesn’t meet your requirements as there is just too much information in too many places.

Here at F365 our focus is on the client and ensuring they have the right tools to run their practices the best way possible and we’re always open to talk about new features if you feel you’d like to see something that isn’t already there. You never know, we may already be working on it!

Continual Development - Practice Management Software

Ever gone to the supermarket to find out that chocolate bar you love is no longer being sold. 

For me it was a Spira. I still haven’t forgiven Cadbury’s but that is a completely different story!!

Now, imagine having an issue with your software and finding out the company who developed it is no longer updating the platform or worse still is no longer in business.

Do your homework! Companies that are client focused (and not just money making focused) are a lot more reliable and will never do a Cadbury’s on you!

** Starts writing official letter to Cadbury’s to bring back the Spira immediately **

Reliable Support - Practice Management Software

Aside from an awesome demo and implementation what you really need is support incase you don’t know how to do something or if something goes wrong. Especially when you’re working with such sensitive information. Lots of Practice Management Software companies don’t offer support or only offer it if you’re on a larger premier package - here at F365 we offer the same level of support regardless of the licence you hold and always will do!

Doing your homework is a lot like checking the box to say you’ve read the terms and conditions (when everyone knows you haven’t), you can just click it and hope for the best or you can invest your time, get all the facts and make the right choice. I know what I’d do!

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