Paid Facebook Advertising

Paid Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an extremely powerful tool. Think about your medical practice for a moment, how many people walk past your doors every day? 

Well, Facebook is your digital door. Allowing you to showcase your business to potential clients near you who are already in the market for your medical services.

To Boost v To Advertise

Ever noticed that handy little “Boost Now” button that pops up at the bottom of your posts on Facebook? It looks handy but don’t be fooled. If you click it you have the ability to show your advert to SOME people but are they the RIGHT people?
Consider doing some research into Facebook Advertising through Facebook’s handy business manager - 

Facebook’s business manager allows you to create targeting advertising campaigns for your Medical Practice which are highly targeted to your perfect client but also allows to you set other demographic criteria like; age, gender, location and so much more!

A short course that’s really handy to get your head around the basics is:

The Ultimate Facebook Ad & Marketing Guide -

Know Your Audience

This one might sound pretty simple but sometimes people forget your business page isn’t like your regular Facebook page. That funny cat meme you shared with your friends may not be the most appropriate thing to post on your business profile! 

Struggling for ideas? My advice is to use social media as a chance to tell your story.

Text v Photo

Did you know, every 4th post down your Facebook timeline is an advert (go on, check it - it’ll say “Sponsored” right under the name). We’re constantly being fed information and pretty much all of that now is either photo or video. Don’t have any or many photos to post? Don’t sweat it, sites like Canva ( are super helpful to create professional looking artwork or material for both your social feed and even your website, better still, Canva is actually free.

Let me wrap this one up here - Facebook advertising can be a minefield and I completely understand why some companies think it’s easier to get a digital marketing company to do the work for them HOWEVER with a little bit of time you can actually become a Facebook Ads pro pretty quickly!

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