Group Based Care

What is Group Based Care?

As you will know, Group Based Care is providing care in a “group” setting, rather than a 1-2-1 setting. Group Based Care may be for people who all share a common illness or who have the same goal. This is entirely up to you and how you choose to run your Group Based Care Sessions.

The Benefits to the Patients

Offering Group Based Care at your Practice can make private healthcare accessible to people that may not otherwise have been able to access or afford it. This means, you’re able to help more people and extend your reach but also it means the people that are in most need of your services can actually benefit from the services you provide.

The Benefits to You, the Practitioner

Your time is valuable and previously, Group Based Care wasn’t possible due to the high cost of administration to organise and run Group Based Care.

NOT ANYMORE! - Function 365 has made it as simple as a few clicks to enable you to set up Group Based Care at your Practice. In reality, this means you’re able to help the people you really want to. The people that previously were out of reach for many reasons. 

It also allows you to filter down who you invite to the Group Based Care sessions depending on a variety of factors. If you haven’t seen how Group Based Care works, book a demo with us today!

Improving private healthcare in the UK as a whole 

The only way Private Healthcare moves forward is by you, the Practitioner, proving efficacy. To do this, the larger the sample size (amount of patients) is one really great way to show efficacy in your work. Being able to provide real examples of your work will eventually lead to it becoming used across the board to help a greater number of patients.

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