Why is Patient Engagement important?

What is ‘Patient Engagement’?

Private Healthcare in the UK is something of a luxury. As such, engaging your patients within the process means you are able to retain your patients and make sure they’re getting the best of our the care with you.

Everyone is different and as such, how people interact with their health goals and plans will differ. However, for most people actually seeing, understanding and engaging in their care will ensure continued improvement and engagement in the process.

Patient Engagement really is getting patients involved in the decision making process surrounding their care and actually giving them the visibility on the improvements they’re making.

Why is Patient Engagement Important?

Studies have shown that greater patient engagement in health care leads to improved health outcomes. For you as a Private Practitioner this means that if you have a patient that is more actively engaged in their care and they fully immerse themselves in the process they’re more likely to achieve better outcomes and hit those health goals you have set!

What can you do to improve Patient Engagement at your Practice?

As I’ve already mentioned, if patients are able to immerse themselves in your care this can really help to ensure Patient Engagement. Using a Practice Management System (like Function 365) you have the ability to create a timeline of care, which is viewable by the patient. It includes medication, test scores, health, and can show visibly to the patient improvements being made over time.

Also, offering Group Based Care is a really easy way to open up Private Healthcare to patients that really need the care but it may not necessarily be accessible to them in a 1-2-1 setting. Function 365 have just launch Group Based Care as an option within the system and have taken something which is extremely difficult to manage and organise and made it really simple for your practice to implement.

If you’d like more information about Group Based Care you can get in touch with us and book a demo via our website here: 

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