How to find the perfect Client for your Private Medical Practice

Happy customers are loyal customers. They’re advocates for your business and will often fly under the radar as you don’t hear anything from them as they’re happy with the service they’re receiving.

This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be focused on though. Actually these ‘quiet’ customers are usually the most vocal to friends and family and are your biggest brand ambassadors. 

So how do we turn every client into a brand ambassador?

Keeping Them Happy

Build and deepen relationships with your customers. This seems like a pretty obvious one as you’re always doing this during appointments but there are plenty of other ways that you deepen this relationship with minimal effort from your side.

Setting up automated email campaigns or text campaigns is a great way to provide touch points to Clients between appointments to let them know you’re there. This means setting up an automated email or text campaign ONCE and adding all of your clients to this flow. If these messages are conversational and provide personalised contact points this will deepen the relation with your clients.

Knowing Your Clients

I’m not talking about each client on an individual basis here, I’m talking about the TYPE of people that use your services. Their attitudes, purchase patterns and demographic profiles. Such knowledge about your clients helps you to target your promotional material and advertising efforts to similar clients who could bring extra revenue to your Practice.

Diving Down into Demographic Detail

So how do we identify and know our clients?

You already will have a database of Clients if you’re already in practice. This is a great tool to use to profile your clients and build a demographic profile for advertising to ask.

Good questions to ask when looking through your database:

  • Region: where are my customers located, where do they live?
  • Income: what is the economic status of my Clients?
  • Spend: how much money are these Clients spending with me on a monthly basis?

Let's look at each one of these points in detail:

Where do they live?

Identifying where your Clients live will give you information on where to set your advertising region when you’re setting up campaigns on social media (Facebook and Instagram) or on Google. One of the main factors when setting up these campaigns is location so this is a really important factor to analyse and understand.

Economic Status of my Clients?

This may not be something you ask specifically of your clients however, when getting to know your clients asking them what type of job they do or what industry they work in is an extremely important piece of information you can use to help build your business.

What it allows you to do is search those roles and industries and find out the average salary for those roles. From there you can build a picture of the economic status of your customers and when setting up your campaign know which income type to target specifically.

How much are my clients spending?

Purchase history is a great way to establish whether you’re retaining clients or whether they’re having a few appointments with you and dropping off. Building that relationship, which we spoke about earlier, can reduce the rate of losing customers but ultimately if you know a certain type of customer is more likely to leave after only a few appointments you can spend more time advertising to these customers about the benefit of staying with you in the long term.

What to take away from this?

Understanding your clients on a deeper level will allow you to draw data and target similar people that could become clients for you. It also gives you information to retain clients for longer periods and allows you to effectively market to clients who may be at risk of leaving your Practice.

Ultimately, happy clients will stay with you, building that rapport and having a deeper understanding of your clients will lead to happier clients and longer relationships with them.

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