What ‘Customer Service’ Means to Us

Ever signed up with a service and the company promised the earth and delivered something far short? Yeah, us too!

It is really frustrating when looking for a Practice Management Software to find one that’s perfect but receive no support from the company during the setup and implementation phase and then moving forward if you have any queries further down the line.

Lots of Practitioners come to us having experienced something very similar. Cheap platforms inevitably have to cut costs somewhere and this is usually in the ‘personal touch’ you get with a comprehensive software provider like Function 365.

So why is the ability to have someone there so important?

Getting to know the software

With every piece of software there is a period of learning. Even for the most ‘techy’ person out there. Every system has it’s on process and way of doing things. Here at Function 365 we have a comprehensive Knowledge Base to help you get going but there is ALWAYS someone there at the end of the phone if you’re unsure about any part of the platform.

This means, if you need anything we’re there to support you and your clinic. It’s one of our core values of our business and something we live by.

Setup and implementation

Function 365 will get you setup quickly and easily with the software. This is done with a person (not just by yourself). This means, through the setup and implementation there is someone there, on hand, to go through anything you’re unsure of and answer any questions you may have as we’re implementing the software for your clinic!

Ongoing support

Like most things in life, you’ll come up against things that you’re unsure how to do. Working with a new Practice Management System is no different. There may be something new you’d like to implement and are not sure how to do it. We’re on hand to help. We also love to hear any new ideas and updates you think would be a great addition to the software. We take these on board and if we can do this, we will!

New updates and features

We don’t tier our membership like a lot of Practice Management Systems. This means that regardless of which licence you have (solo or multiple practices) we offer exactly the same features. We do update the software from time to time to continue to develop and bring you new features to use at your practice - like Group Based Care which we recently launched. We will always communicate these with you via email and post these updates to our social media. Along with this there will be documentation in our knowledge base on how to use it also!

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