Paper v Practice Management Software

When running your own business it is your choice as to how you manage information and data. Having said that there are still rules and regulations around the storage of data and how it is used, kept and maintained. As such, I’m going to look through both the advantages and disadvantages of a Paper Based System v a Practice Management System.

Advantages of PMS

Having a Practice Management Systems means that all your data and information is stored in one place. This means that you are less likely to lose things and you can mange and organise data and information with ease.

It also means that you will be able to adhere to regulations like GDPR a lot easier than you would if you weren’t using a PMS.

It also means that you can give access to the data to your patients (if they want and need access) which means it may make it significantly easier to get them involved in their care and ensure continuing success for your practice.

Advantages of Paper

Using a paper based system can sometimes feel ‘safe’. No one is going to ‘steal my data’. Which is true. If it’s kept in a locked box (which it should be now to adhere to GDPR) then it won’t be stolen!

It makes it easier to organise your work and make it accessible to the staff that need it.

Disadvantages of PMS

You have to be very carful when choosing a Practice Management System. If you don’t choose the right one you may end up in a situation where you do not know where your sensitive patient data is being stored.

Systems like Function 365 are open, clear and transparent about where your data is stored and ensure that it is highly secure and thus, takes away any fear of data being like or stolen.

Disadvantages of Paper

It’s time consuming, it’s messy, things get lost, it’s unorganised, it’s easy to find yourself overrun with paper files … Need I go on? There are lots of disadvantages to using a paper based system as you will probably already be aware.

What to do for the best?

We know the world is moving digital. Private Medical Practice’s are no different. It’s what people expect and what they want. The ability to book online and have all their information in one place that is accessible. Our main advice is to really do your research about the Practice Management Software you choose to ensure the safety of that important patient data you hold!

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