Using software to add the personal touch to your clinic

There is so much software out there that can be used to communicate with your patients. Even your Practice Management Software. When looking at communicating with patients you don’t want it to be generic. They’re paying for a premium service and as such they expect a certain level of personalisation within the service they receive. 

Email Marketing

Marketing to your patients, whether it’s about new services or reminders about services they have booked should absolutely be personalised. The easier way to do this is by using a system like Function 365 to send emails to patients. We get a lot of clinics asking - isn’t it hard to send a personalised email to everyone though? Surely it’s time consuming? - It used to be, however now it’s really simple to setup email templates and for a system like Function 365 to pull in the data (like name or data about the patient) into the email for you automatically so all you have to do is write the email once and the system takes care of the rest!

In-Person Care

Even if you’re providing in-person care, your Practice Management Software can be your best friend when giving that person touch to your patients. Receptionists (and you) are always talking to patients, they may mention they have kids, pets, like a specific sport or engage in certain activities. It is super simple to leave a note on the patient's profile about this so next time they come in, anyone looking at the patient's profile can look at the note and ask them. How good is it when people ask you about yourself and ‘remember’? You’re able to do this so quickly and easily with Function 365!

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