How important is collecting reviews?

What are reviews?

A review is feedback from a client. Most people are familiar with reviews whether it's because they’re already asking their clients for reviews or because they’ve been asked to review a business before!

The main thing to realise about reviews is this; Private Healthcare can be quite expensive, for most people they have to think before committing to going Private. As such, they want to know, before they commit, that they’re going to get value for money. The best and easier way to show clients this is absolutely the case is by collecting and then USING reviews for your Private Medical Practice.

Lots of people are a little afraid to ask for reviews. For two main reasons, the first being, people won't respond. Well, you’re probably right. Most companies only get a very small % response rate from reviews they ask for but if you aren’t asking for reviews you certainly aren’t going to get any.

The second reason is they’re worried about getting negative reviews. In the world of digital interactions it’s very easy for people to go online and leave negative feedback. However, if you’re confident in your products and services this shouldn’t be a concern. Even if you were to get a negative review, there is always an opportunity to respond to the review which is public and if the review isn’t genuine you can even submit an appeal to have any review deleted from your profile. This should alleviate some of the fear around reviews.

Where to collect reviews?

There are plenty of websites out there that are just there to be “review websites”. You may have heard, and even used these before. The main ones are TrustPilot and Google Reviews. You can also get industry bespoke review sites like Trip Advisor if you’re being asked to review a holiday.

So first things first, where is the best place to ask your clients to leave you a review? Well if you have a Google My Business Account and your business is listed on Google, you’ll be giving your clients the ability to leave reviews for you via Google just by doing that but is this the best way to collect reviews?

In my opinion, websites like TrustPilot offer you a greater ability to manage the process of asking clients for reviews (as there is a referral service built straight into TrustPilot) and as such it makes it significantly easier for your clients to leave you a review! 

Whichever platform you decide to use, make sure it's right and works for you and your business!

How to collect reviews?

If you’ve been following my blog posts hopefully by now you’ll have your email system setup to automatically add clients to an email sequence. Especially if they’re your clients because this allows you to keep them up to date with products and services and changes at your Clinic. 

The best way to collect reviews is by utilising your email marketing system to automatically send out an email simply asking your clients for an honest review of your services. It’s super easy to automate this and it will mean once it’s set up you no longer have to really think about it, you can just watch the fantastic reviews roll in!

How to use reviews?

So, you’ve collected plenty of reviews and you’re really happy with the responses, what's next? I see plenty of businesses out there collecting reviews and then doing nothing with them and expecting their clients to just find them if they want to see reviews.

What's the point in that? You’ve put in all this hard work to get incredible results, you should be shouting about this from the rooftops!

You can post images of reviews on your website with the link to the original post. You could leave a direct link in the footer of your website to your review page to ensure it’s easy and accessible for anyone looking for reviews for you and you could post these on social media!

Utilising reviews will ensure to build trust in your client base and with future clients!

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